Vintage Bling has been worn by numerous celebrities for many Red Carpet events!

Lisa Freitas, wearing Vintage Bling, with Leonardo Di Caprio 2010 Golden Globes
Vintage Bling has appeared at the Golden Globes, The Emmy's, The Grammy's, The Hollywood Film Awards, TIFF, Venice Film Festival and other Red Carpet events
Vintage Bling Jewellery has been used in the Winnipeg-shot film productions of Curse of Chuck, Home Alone 5 and Something Beneath


Country music superstar, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, performing at the 2015 GRAMMYS with Miranda Lambert!

Movie Stars

Elena Levon from Ocean's Thirteen and How I met your Mother wearing Vintage Bling Jewellery; with Quentin Tarantino and Marion Cotillard

Ashley Greene, Deidre Hall and Alfre Woodard wearing Vintage Bling Jewellery

Jennifer Tilly wearing Vintage Bling for the movie Chucky, shot locally in Winnipeg

Mireille Enos, one of the stars in World War Z, with Vintage Bling founder Dayle Goertzen

Catherine O'Hara; Robert Herjavec and Family; Fiona Dourif, Debbie Lee Carrington, Jennifer Tilly and Dayle Goertzen; and Anika Noni Rose wear Vintage Bling Jewellery

Josie Davis from Charles In Charge, NCIS, CSI: Miami, The Mentalist, wears Vintage Bling at Red Carpet Events

Charlene Amoia – Seven Pounds, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, Bones wearing Vintage Bling Jewellery on the Red Carpet

Actresses Nazneen Contractor, Lauren Lee Smith and Luisa D'Oliviera try out Vintage Bling Jewellery

Actresses Kristina Klebe (CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds) and Rebecca Ferdinando (Rush, The List) wear Vintage Bling Bracelets and Rings at Red Carpet Events

Kim Todd, Emmy award winning Producer of the TV Mini Series Fargo, wearing Vintage Bling

Vera Anderson, Celebrity Photographer/Journalist, pictured with Vera Farmiga and Mark Walhberg while wearing Vintage Bling Jewellery


Hillary Scott from the band Lady Antebellum and Carolyn Dawn Johnson, both wearing Vintage Bling Necklaces

Chantal Kreviazuk, Winnipeg born musician, performing for Queen Elizabeth in 2010, while wearing a Vintage Bling Necklace