Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet

Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet.  This piece is absolutely breathtaking.   The hand jewel is a gorgeous vintage inspired brooch with the pin back removed.  This is a stretchy 4 strand faux pearl bracelet with 2 rows of rhinestone spacers. A rhinestone embellishment is mounted onto an adjustable decorative floral metal ring base that has been plated in sterling silver plate. It measures about 10mm wide. The base is soldered at the point where the ring adjusts so that the adjustment will be hidden.

These hand jewelry bracelets are non-restrictive. There is enough flexibility in the design that you can move your hand around comfortably.  When you order this bracelet, send me your wrist measurement and I will make sure that you get a bracelet that will be a comfortable fit.

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