Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet

Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet. This bracelet is so unique and eye catching! The hand piece is a gorgeous filigree vintage brooch with beautiful olive green faux cat eye stones, as well as Swarovski crystals. The detail in the metal work is unbelievably stunning. The ring embellishment was the matching clip earring and is mounted on a gold plated filigree ring base. The ring base is about 16mm at the widest point and has an opening at the back to accommodate size adjustment. Connecting the two is a gold metal filigree bead. The 4 strand stretchy glass pearl cuff is pale green in color. The connector pearls are adorned with gold metal filigree bead caps. These hand jewelry bracelets are comfortable and non-restrictive. There is enough flexibility in the design that you can move your hand around and it doesn't pull. When you order this piece, send me your wrist measurement and I will make sure that you get a bracelet that will be a comfortable fit.

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