Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet

Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet. Gorgeous hand jewelry piece was an Art Deco brooch from the 1920's. I love the red rhinestones in this piece! This brooch is in vintage loved condition. In other words it's not perfect, some of the rhinestones are cloudy and a bit of yellowing from the old glue shows through. Some of the metal is dull and not shiny looking. However it still looks glorious and has a new lease on life now. This stretchy 4 strand cuff is made with gorgeous black glass pearl beads and the adjustable ring is silver plated in about a size 7. It will adjust up 2 or 3 sizes. These hand jewelry bracelets are comfortable and non-restrictive. There is enough flexibility in the design that you can move your hand around and it doesn't pull. When you order this piece, send me your wrist measurement and I will make sure that you get a bracelet that will be a comfortable fit.

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