Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet

Great Gatsby Inspired Hand Jewelry Bracelet.  This is truly an amazing bracelet! The hand piece is a fabulous Art Deco brooch from the 1920's with the pin back removed.  The rhinestones are slightly smokey, not clear, but that doesn't interfere with their dazzle .  This is a stretchy 4 strand black glass pearl bracelet, and I have made a variety of sizes so there will be one to fit you perfectly. The hand jewels and ring can be switched to the size that's right for you.  The adjustable ring is silver plated. It is a size 7, and will adjust up 2 or 3 sizes.

These hand jewelry bracelets are non-restrictive. There is enough flexibility in the design that you can move your hand around comfortably.  When you order this bracelet, send me your wrist measurement and I will make sure that you get a bracelet that will be a comfortable fit.

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