Mink Butterfly Necklace

Mink Butterfly Necklace. Where do I even begin to describe this necklace. I have been working on this piece for weeks, trying to come up with a great design. I am really happy with the end result. This adorable butterfly was a brooch when I found her. The wings are mink and her thorax and abdomen are encrusted with lovely blue rhinestones and pearls. Adjacent to the butterfly is a silver piece with blue rhinestones that formerly hailed as a vintage clip earring. All these lovely strands are made up of Swarovski crystals, glass, resin, faux pearls and silver chain. The 3 silver links above the blue rhinestone piece are from a Sterling Silver Danecraft bracelet (1950's) sporting the "acorns with oak leaves" design. This necklace meaures aprox 36".

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