Queen Wilhelmina Necklace

Queen Wilhelmina Necklace.  This is the most amazing necklace ever!  I am so excited about the focal piece. It is a 3-D vintage brooch of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. It is a really rare piece.  I've never seen anything like it but I was able to research it. The inscriptions are all in French.  The front of the large coin says A De Lagarde and Des Houlieres. On the back it says Paris DC XXXI Morte DC and something else I can't make out.  The smaller coin says Wilhelmina Der Nederland on both sides.  The top coin has the head of Wilhelmina cut out and raised from the rest of the coin. This top coin is 1.75" in diameter. The lower coin is identical on both sides and 1" in diameter.   Vintage belt links of hammered metal and pearls make up the rest of the necklace.  This  necklace measures 38" to the lowest chain tassel.

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