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My parents wedding June 18,1949.

Wedding season is upon us, and that means picking out everything amazing for your special day. I like to remind Brides that, quite likely, your jewelry is the only thing you will wear again after the wedding. For that reason, you really want to take your time and find that perfect necklace, earrings and/or bracelet that you are absolutely in love with and will want to wear over and over again. If you are sentimental like me, you will enjoy wearing your wedding jewelry for anniversaries when you celebrate the day you declared your undying love and commitment to each other.

Consider the family heirloom you will have to pass down to your own daughter some day. I still own the strand of pearls that my mother wore on her wedding day. Over the decades it became worn out and thread bare. The coating on some of the pearls wore off. Eventually the string broke and Mom asked me to re-string it for her. Some of the tiny pearls at the back were lost, making the strand too short. In order to lengthen it, I needed to add more. Since I am the Queen of Nostalgia, I felt it was important to always know which of the pearls had actually adorned my mother's neck as she walked down that aisle to my waiting father. She was a beautiful bride, wearing an elegant silk gown and floor length, trailing veil and the tiara I loved to play with as a little girl. My solution was to add clear seed beads to the back by the clasp instead of adding more pearls,  so that Mom would be able to tell where her pearls began and ended. In her later years, Mom gave that strand of pearls to me and I cherish it more than words can convey. I hope that, in sharing this you are able to capture the vision of what your jewelry will one day mean to your own daughter.

Mom wearing her pearls on their wedding day

Some brides have gone so far as to purchase their jewelry first and find what they absolutely love! They then took it with them dress shopping and built the rest of their bridal attire around the bling.

Stunning bride wearing bracelet and earrings by Vintage Bling

Make sure you don't save your beautiful, timeless jewelry for only dress up occasions. The more glamorous your bling is, the more fantastic it looks with your shredded jeans, little black tank top and a great pair of shoes! You will get lots of opportunities to wear that keepsake jewelry and when all those complements come your way (because you will turn heads every time you walk in a room) you will be able to explain that is is your wedding jewelry, amid visions dancing in their heads of how glorious and radiant you must've looked!

Wearing earrings by Vintage Bling

Jewelry is also a very popular gift for bridesmaids, flower girls, candle lighters, guest book attendants and mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom. I will work within your budget so you are able to show your deepest appreciation in a way that they will also cherish forever.

Lovely Bridesmaids wearing earrings by Vintage Bling

Bracelets by Vintage Bling

 So pretty!

 Mother of the Bride wearing necklace by Vintage Bling

 Mother of the Groom wearing bracelet by Vintage Bling


Guest Book attendant wearing ring by Vintage Bling

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